27 June 2011

Grill'd Subiaco

Burgers are everywhere in Perth, so how does a place stand out from the crowd? 2 for 1 gets my attention right away.

This was the first time we had tried Grill'd in Subiaco before, we have been many a time to both the Mt Lawley & the Claremont outlets, however Subi had passed us by until now.

Sitting where the old Cino to go was, as is the Mt Lawley one, the location is great. Located at the Subiaco train station, Grill'd has easy access and some great parking close by. The layout is nice, indoor and outside tables that don't feel too cramped up.

Ordering was easy, choose the burger from the clipboard menus and choose your bun. Mrs Mac went the Bombay Bliss on a traditional bun, while I tried the Moroccan Lamb on the Panini style bun. A serve of chips on the side to share with the herb dipping sauce rounded out our order. The 2 for 1 is great value, with the average price of the burgers at around $12.

You can view your order taking shape through the clear counter and see how your burger is progressing. Thankfully ours didn't take very long as I was a little on the hungry side.

Both burgers came out fresh and hot. Chips were delicious, cut into a nice sizes that weren't too fat as some chunky can be. The herb sauce is a must try with these as the chips are lightly sprinkled with a herb seasoning.

Burgers were both great, neither sloppy or overfilled with ingredients. Mrs Mac commented on how this was the first burger not to fall apart before she got to the end. The Moroccan lamb was nice, however I felt the lamb could have had a little more seasoning on it.

As we were leaving the line was out the door as the football had just finished, so get in early if its game night.


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