16 June 2015


We have tried this place twice now. First time we dropped in for a coffee to have a look at the menu and taste the coffee. Two flat whites, average in taste and had an almost burnt aftertaste.

We tried a Wednesday night for dinner. We arrived just before 6pm and were told we can't order until 6pm. We ordered some drinks and went over the menu. On special were Beef Ribs & Chicken wings. The first person who told us the specials said the Beef Ribs were a small rack enough for TWO people as a serve. On ordering from a different person when I ordered ONE serve of the ribs the just huffed and questioned why we were ordering ONE serve as we would only get one rib. I said if thats the case we will have two ribs, two wings and a tomato salad all to share. Short while later the same waiter came out to tell us its a rack so we changed our order to ONE serve.

Food came out, ribs were ONE large rib.

The two wings were ONE wing broken into two pieces.

Rib was a good size and enough to share with the other dishes. The wing was disappointing as ordering TWO wings you would expect TWO full wings not one broken into two parts. At $2.50 per wing I expected a lot more. The tomato salad was enjoyable.

Food was of good standard, service was hit and miss. Having to wave your hands around to order another drink is painful.
Temped to try the breakfast, however with the disappointing coffee it's a tough decision.

RATING: 3.5/5


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